A Minnesota resident infected with a new strain has not been abroad recently, which indicates the spread of a new variant within the country.

The health authorities of the state of Minnesota on Thursday reported the identification of another case of infection with the strain “Omicron” in the United States. This time, a person who, as far as the authorities know, has not been abroad recently, became ill.

As with the first identified case in California, the patient was fully vaccinated and complained of only mild symptoms, which have now disappeared.

The person infected with Omicron returned home to the suburbs of Minneapolis after attending the anime festival in New York, which took place from November 19 to 21. On November 22, he developed symptoms, and two days later he did a coronavirus test.

“This news is disturbing, but it cannot be called unexpected,” said Minnesota Governor Tim Waltz, welcoming the efforts of his state to sequence the virus genome and test.

The fact that the patient has not been abroad recently, indicates that the new variant is already circulating in the United States, which is what epidemiologists expected, despite Washington’s decision to ban entry from several South African countries.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported the first confirmed case of infection with the Omicron strain on Wednesday. The patient, who recently returned from South Africa, was fully vaccinated and had a mild illness.

Scientists hope that laboratory tests will soon show how effective vaccines against the Omicron strain are, but they expect that at least partial protection will remain, especially against the course of the disease in severe form.