According to The Hill newspaper, over half of them are characterized as intimidation, 28% – assaults and 18% – aggravated assaults.

More than 8.2 thousand hate crimes were registered in the United States in 2020. Such updated data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, supplemented with information from Ohio, was published on Monday by The Hill newspaper.

The FBI, the newspaper writes, explained that the Ohio indicators for technical reasons were not taken into account in similar statistics presented in August. According to updated data, 8,263 criminal acts and 11,129 offenses committed based on racial, ethnic, religious, sexual, gender, and other hatred were recorded in the United States last year. This is 13% and 30%, respectively, higher than the same figures in 2019.

More than half (53%) of registered hate crimes are characterized as intimidation, 28% – assaults, and 18% – aggravated assaults. The updated FBI statistics include 22 murders and 21 rapes in the same category – as motivated by hatred.