Foreigners arriving in Turkey from March 15, after filling out an electronic questionnaire, will receive a digital code that was previously introduced only for citizens of the republic, according to the website of the Turkish Ministry of Health.

Earlier, a representative of the agency told RIA Novosti that air passengers would need to fill out an electronic questionnaire for COVID-19 control, not a paper one. 72 hours before departure, they must enter the data in the form on the Ministry’s website and download it to an electronic device.

The questionnaire contains the same questions as in the paper version that passengers filled out earlier on the plane: last name, passport details, flight number, address of stay, and the countries they visited in the last ten days. After entering this data in the document, the tourist will be assigned a personal digital code (HES-code), which all Turkish citizens already have. It is necessary to move around the country, visit state institutions, shopping centers, and check in hotels. It is also required to visit cafes, restaurants, hairdressers, gyms, and public transport in some provinces.

“We will be able to contact you in case of contact with a COVID-19 patient during your trip thanks to the HES-code,” the Ministry of Health’s website says. If you provide incorrect data, the violator may face administrative punishment or a ban on entering Turkey in the future.