The security company CTU Security, allegedly associated with people who were preparing the assassination of the President of Haiti, could also be involved in the assassination attempt on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in 2018, the speaker of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Jorge Rodriguez, said.

Earlier, the Colombian authorities said that during the investigation it was possible to establish that a credit card registered to a security company from Miami was used to buy air tickets on the Bogota – Santo Domingo route for 19 Colombians involved in the assassination of the President of Haiti.

“We have information that this security company, headed by Antonio Itriago, was involved in the failed assassination attempt on Nicolas Maduro… August 4, 2018,” Rodriguez said at a press conference.

An attempt on the president of Venezuela using drones was made in August 2018. Several aircraft with explosives headed for the podium where Maduro was during the parade. Several guards were injured, the head of state was not injured.