In Virginia, a statue of an American Confederate general was dismantled

The statue of the American Confederate General Robert E. Lee was dismantled in the administrative center of the state of Virginia, the city of Richmond.

The dismantling of the monument began early on Wednesday morning; several blocks around were blocked for this. A construction crane lifted the workers onto a pedestal that rises ten meters. Then the general sitting on a horse was wrapped with ribbons, and, having separated the equestrian figure from the pedestal, they took it to the ground to the applause of the locals gathered around. The removal of the statue was met with chanting of the slogans of the Black Lives Matter movement and ironic comments: “Look at his face, he doesn’t like it.”

The Lee statue in Richmond is one of the most significant monuments to the Confederates. The decision to demolish the statue of the general was made last summer after the death of a black George Floyd at the hands of a police officer. Still, the implementation of this plan was complicated by lawsuits that ended not so long ago.

The statue of Lee is a 6-meter-high bronze equestrian sculpture, towering on a ten-meter pedestal almost twice as high. It has been standing in the city center on Monument Avenue since 1890. Last summer, the other four statues of confederation in the district were demolished.

Active efforts to dismantle Confederate monuments began after the mass murder at a Charleston church in 2015. Lee’s monuments were dismantled in New Orleans, Baltimore, Dallas, the University of Texas, and the Washington Cathedral.

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