The Hill does not specify how many people took part in it.

Residents of Washington staged a protest, demanding to dismantle the fence erected around the Capitol after the riots in the capital on January 6. This is reported by The Hill newspaper.

As the newspaper notes, the action was unusual. The goal of the organizers, in particular, was to show that the fence violates the usual way of life of Washingtonians. “Bring your dogs, children, bicycles, picnic blanket, snacks, crayons, soap bubbles, balls, and anything else you want to show to demonstrate how you use the part of our city that is currently blocked by a fence with barbed wire,” the organizers of the action announced before the event. “The four-mile-long [about 6.5 km] barbed-wire fence around the Capitol complex has blocked our access to open spaces and important roads through the city. < … > These are places where we walk, relax, walk our dogs, enjoy flowers, go to work, and socialize with friends,” they added. The Hill does not specify how many people took part in the action.

The authorities decided to erect temporary metal fences about 2 meters high around the Capitol’s entire perimeter for security reasons shortly after January 6. On this day, supporters of former US President Donald Trump, who gathered in Washington for a demonstration of thousands in support of him, broke into Congress, trying to prevent the approval of the November 3 presidential election results, which Democrat Joe Biden won. During the riots inside the Congress, the police shot and killed a demonstrator. Also, there were recorded unrelated deaths of three more people qualified for a medical emergency. A Capitol police officer was also killed in the clashes.