The Congress building was fenced off after the January assault.

Workers began to remove the fences installed six months ago around the Capitol. A 2.4-meter-high metal fence was installed six months ago after supporters of former President Donald Trump broke into the building.

After the fence was installed, access to the Capitol and travel on adjacent roads were restricted.

The fence is promised to be dismantled within three days. The decision to open the territory adjacent to the Congress was made by the Capitol police after assessing the existing threats.

Recall that more than five hundred people were charged with the attack on the Capitol. As a result of the assault, five people were killed, including a Capitol police officer. In addition, two policemen who participated in the defense of the Capitol from the attackers subsequently committed suicide.

Restrictions on visiting the Capitol, introduced for visitors with the beginning of the pandemic, remain in force. Previously, anyone could visit the US Congress building.