The Indian rocket was unable to launch the EOS-03 meteorological satellite into orbit.

An Indian GSLV-F10 rocket with an Earth observation satellite crashed shortly after launch. It happened today, August 12 in the morning.

The launch began at 03:13 Moscow time from the launch pad of the Satish Dhavan Space Center on Sriharikota Island in the Bay of Bengal.

The operation of the first and second stages was normal. However, the cryogenic ignition of the third stage did not occur due to a technical problem. The mission cannot be completed as intended.

ISRO Press Service

Technical problems began approximately six minutes after the launch of the cryogenic third stage. During the malfunction, the satellite was lost, ISRO said.

It was planned that it will last at least 10 years and will transmit data to the Earth in close to real time for monitoring natural disasters, cyclones, thunderstorm fronts, etc., as well as collecting information for the needs of agriculture and forestry.

This is the first ISRO malfunction since 2017, interrupting a series of 14 successful launches.