Ingineers presented a robot bartender

Independent engineers have presented a robot bartender that can work autonomously. It can replace several traditional cocktail makers at once.

The researchers introduced a robot bartender, which was created by independent engineers. This assembly is from a group of Teknic Servo engineers – they showed a device that can be used in the industry for automation. It can compete with industrial-grade equipment.

This device is capable of communicating with several servo motors and sensors. The controller is connected to ClearPath servers that rotate bottles, stir a beverage, or transport a glass of beverage through the machine. There are also several interlocks inside the device to avoid the visitor’s contact with the moving parts of the bartender during operation, and a standard bar-style mixer dispenser driven by solenoids for ease of operation. The selection and control of drinks is carried out using a touch screen, on which sliders are located to select parameters such as alcohol content and sweetness.

The device can prepare any cocktail. The researchers note that companies with a budget can automate many of the processes that previously had to be done manually. In addition, the plug-and-play system will work faster than similar traditional devices.

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