AMD’s GPU Lead Vineet Goel joined Intel in late September. The processor giant officially confirmed this information and added that the specialist took the position of vice president and general manager of the Xe Architecture and IP Engineering Group. Gowell reports directly to Raja Koduri, an AMD veteran who also joined Intel and led the development of GPUs for Intel graphics cards.

Intel also announced that Gowell has led a team to architect, design and validate the Intel Xe roadmap. He will work on various functional elements of Intel GPUs, which are used for graphics processing and multimedia, as well as for displaying images.

Gowell was previously corporate vice president of GPU architecture at AMD, where he led the technology development team. His team has gone from concept to the final turnkey solution in various segments – mobile devices, consoles and PCs. It was his team that worked on the graphics accelerator for the new AMD APUs.

Gowell has 57 registered patents, with another 90 pending at the US Patent Office. His articles on computer graphics are regularly published in 15 scientific journals and collections of works on computer science.