The company also started collecting donations to help Ukraine.

Intel announced the suspension of deliveries of its products to Russia and Belarus. This is stated in the company’s statement published.

“Intel condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and we have suspended all deliveries to customers in both Russia and Belarus,” it says. “We are working to support all our employees in this difficult situation, especially those who are closely connected with this region.” “We have launched a fundraising campaign, which has already raised more than $1.2 million, to help [Ukraine] through the Intel Foundation, and we are proud of the work that our teams are doing in neighboring regions, including Poland, Germany and Romania, to help refugees,” the statement also says.

Founded in 1968, Intel manufactures electronic devices and computer components, including microprocessors. Since last year, the world has been facing a shortage of semiconductors, which is associated with a sharply increased demand for these products due to the transfer of mobile communications in many countries to fifth-generation systems. In the context of the pandemic and the expansion of work on remote schemes, the production of personal computers and game consoles has also increased.