Over the ten-year history of the iPhone, most of the new models came out in the fall. As a result, everyone is so used to it that they even stop wondering when Apple will hold the next presentation, realizing that it will be held in the first half of September, and the smartphone will be on sale about a week after it. Of course, there were exceptions like the iPhone X and iPhone XR, which required a delayed launch, but in this way Apple simply tried to prevent internal competition between devices of the same line. However, this year, most likely, the launch of the iPhone 12 will occur later than usual for another reason.

Judging by the latest rumors, Apple is thinking about how to deal with the release of the upcoming autumn flagship. This, of course, is about coronavirus. True, the point here is not at all about interruptions in production, which Apple managed to recover almost completely. The point is that the launch of the iPhone 12 at the stage of the collapse of the economies of the overwhelming majority of countries is illogical when businesses completely shut down with the exact understanding that they may not have to open anymore, and people are completely dismissed from their posts or sent on unpaid leave. It is clear that in this situation the question of their own survival comes first, not buying new, albeit long-awaited gadgets.

When will the iPhone 2020 be released

As usually happens in such situations, the economic decline is felt with a noticeable lag. That is, now it is almost imperceptible, but by the fall, exhaustion will become more obvious. Indeed, even if by that time mankind has learned to effectively deal with coronavirus, the long downtime that it entails will simply not leave the new iPhone a chance of high demand, since most of those who could afford the iPhone 12 will be forced to abandon it purchases. Well, judge for yourself, because the credit burden on the population is strong not only in Russia, but also in the USA, where people often do not even live on their own, but in rented or mortgage housing, which they will no longer be able to pay for. What is the iPhone here? Understand how to live on.

The launch of the iPhone 12 in September, even if Apple has a sufficient supply of smartphones to bring it to the market, is doomed to failure. So the only way to avoid this is to postpone the release to a later date. It is still difficult to say when it is best to do this since the coronavirus is only taking over. If by the fall he will calm down a bit or we will be able to take him under control or, at least, form new rules of life in the face of a constant threat of infection, there is a possibility that closer to the new year the appearance of iPhone 12 will be more or less appropriate.

Iphone 12 2020

Coronavirus and iPhone

True, another question arises here. Isn’t it better to make the novelty cheaper so that even those whose financial position has corrupted the coronavirus most can find the means to buy it? It is clear that the role of an affordable iPhone will be played by the iPhone 9, and then the iPhone 9 Plus, the release of which is expected closer to summer. But it is unlikely that the iPhone 12 Pro Max with 5G support will be much out of place, especially since its price is likely to be even higher than last year’s flagship and will exceed the $ 1,200 mark.

Opinions about the delayed launch of the iPhone 12 are also supported by some industry analysts. True, according to their information, Apple will decide on this issue only in May, when the assembly of a new smartphone will just begin. Yes, in the event of a temporary ban on the production, the company will suffer serious financial losses, however, by releasing a batch of devices for sale and not selling it, it risks losing even more. Firstly, she will have to ensure the storage of excess samples, and, secondly, pay for the work of workers who will assemble smartphones almost idle. In a word, everything speaks in favor of a later launch. It remains only to understand when it will happen and whether it will happen at all.