An amazing story about the iPhone X was told by one of the users of the Diamond Aviators forum. His smartphone fell from a great height and not only remained working, but was not injured at all.

On August 8, user dmloftus flew a Diamond DA40 from Colorado Springs to Atlanta. At some point, he wanted to photograph the cloud and opened a special small window. He perfectly understood that at high speed air currents can suck the smartphone out the window, so he kept it at a distance.

However, at that moment, the plane got into a slight turbulence, as a result of which the smartphone was still sucked into the window. At the same time, the aircraft moved at an altitude of about 3.5 km at a speed of about 280 km / h.

The owner mentally said goodbye to his iPhone X, but the next day discovered through an old iPhone 6s that his Model X was still beeping. Then he went to the alleged drop point to try to find his phone.

It turned out that the device fell on a field where soybeans were growing. So the pilot found his smartphone safe and sound. Perhaps this was helped by the case worn on the device. In any case, it turned out that the smartphone is fully functional.

It can be assumed that the bushes dulled most of the speed of the smartphone, and the rest was made by a sturdy body and the fact that the iPhone X fell on soft ground, and not on concrete or asphalt. In any case, given the height, this story sounds incredible.