The Iranian authorities agree to transfer the “black boxes” of the downed Boeing 737-800 to Ukraine, Ukrainian Ambassador to Canada Andriy Shevchenko said.

“Iran’s representative Farhad Parvaresh at the Council session in Montreal: Iran agrees to send “black boxes” to Ukraine with the subsequent transfer to France in case additional expertise is needed, ” Shevchenko wrote on Twitter.

A Boeing 737-800 operated by Ukraine International Airlines, which was flying to Kyiv, crashed shortly after leaving Tehran airport early on January 8. According to official data, 176 people were killed: citizens of Iran, Ukraine, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, and Afghanistan.

The Iranian military said on January 11 that the Ukrainian Boeing was shot down by accident, the fault was the human factor: the plane flew near a military facility in Iran and was mistaken for an” enemy target,” namely a cruise missile, they said. At the same time, Iran noted that it expected an attack from the United States, in connection with which the country’s air defense systems were put on full alert. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said he expects Iran to fully admit guilt, issue an official apology, punish those responsible and pay compensation.