A wrong understanding of things by the President of the United States Donald Trump threatens the possibility of peace. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote about this on his Twitter page. In the message, he noted also the account of the American leader.

According to the Minister, negotiations and threats in the relations between the two sides are mutually exclusive concepts. “Sanctions are not an alternative to war, this is war. Destruction = genocide = war crime,” Zarif explained. He also added that the war with Iran, contrary to Trump’s confidence, cannot end quickly.

Earlier, the Iranian Foreign Minister also noted that the use of force and the outbreak of war is illegal, and “this is not the XVIII century.”

On June 25, Trump said that Washington will respond powerfully to Iran on any attack on the Americans. According to him, in some aspects, it will mean complete destruction. At the same time, he stressed that the US war with Iran, if it starts, will end quite quickly.

Prior to that, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani spoke about the hopelessness of the administration of the American leader and the mental retardation of the White House administration.