The Islamic Republic was able to find options that allow us to circumvent sanctions on the export of Iranian oil and receive revenues from its sale to the state budget of the country. This was reported by the head of the Central Bank of Iran Abdolnaser Hemmati.

“The US is currently putting maximum pressure on Iran to reduce its oil revenues. However, we have found ways and means to overcome these restrictions, allowing us to receive income from oil exports,” the official said, quoted by Al Alam.

According to Hemmati, the efforts of Washington and its allies in the region to organize an economic blockade of Tehran are doomed to failure.
“The US and its allies tried to bring Iran to its knees, but these attempts were in vain. We stand firmly on our feet, and fortunately, the current economic situation in Iran remains stable.”

Recall, US President Donald Trump in May 2018 announced the withdrawal from the Joint comprehensive action plan on the Iranian nuclear program and the restoration of tough economic sanctions against Iran.

Washington demands from Tehran to conclude a new agreement on the terms of the Americans. As one of the measures of pressure on Iran, the US threatened to impose restrictions against countries importing Iranian oil and thus to reduce the export of hydrocarbons from the Islamic Republic “to zero.”