Boeing 737 “International Airlines of Ukraine,” which crashed on January 8 after departure from the airport in Tehran, caught fire in the air. The preliminary report was published by the civil aviation Organization of Iran.

The fact that the plane caught fire in the air, according to eyewitness accounts, said the head of the civil aviation Organization of Iran Ali Abedzadeh. After the fall, the liner exploded.
Experts believe that the plane was at an altitude of 2500 meters when it disappeared from radar. Recall that this happened just two minutes after departure. The report indicates that judging by the flight path; the liner was trying to return to the place of departure. However, there were no reports of an accident on Board from the pilots.

A Boeing 737 passenger plane belonging to UIA airlines crashed on January 8 in Tehran. The crash killed 167 passengers and 9 crew members-citizens of Iran, Canada, Sweden, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Germany, and Great Britain. To investigate the incident, Ukraine sent a special group of experts to Iran.

Iranian authorities said yesterday that the cause of the crash was a technical malfunction. Experts follow the same version from the Canadian secret service.