TEHRAN — The European Union must protect Iran from US sanctions and prevent Tehran from further withdrawing from compliance with the nuclear agreement concluded in 2015 by Iran with the world’s largest powers.

On Friday, the representative of Tehran said during a meeting with the participants of the “nuclear deal” that the proposal from Europe does not satisfy Iran, which threatens to cease to comply with the provisions of the deal.

The US withdrew from the agreement with Iran unilaterally in 2018, re-imposing sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

On May 8, Tehran officially announced that it was ceasing to comply with one of the requirements of the deal. Iran warned that it could refuse to fulfill other requirements in 60 days – that is, in early July.

“Turn for Europe. Will Paris, London and Berlin miss the chance under trump’s influence, or use the remaining opportunities to fulfill their obligations and start acting on their obligations (as part of the nuclear deal)?”- said in comments that were aired by the Iranian TV.

Iran will soon exceed the limit on uranium enrichment established within the framework of the agreement, after the other partners in the “nuclear deal” have not fulfilled Tehran’s requirements for protection from US sanctions.

“Since the Vienna meeting failed to meet Iran’s just demands… Iran is determined to reduce its obligations under the deal, and the limit on uranium enrichment – 300 kg – will soon be exceeded.”

On June 17, Iran reported that it will exceed the limit on stocks of low-enriched uranium within 10 days.

Tehran has repeatedly criticized the insufficient efforts of European countries to create a trade mechanism that would help the Islamic Republic to circumvent the sanctions imposed by the United States.

On Friday, the UK, France, and Germany reported that a channel for trade with Iran called INSTEX is ready to work and has already begun to operate.