Experts from France, Canada, and the United States will help analyze data from black boxes in Ukraine, Deutsche Welle writes, citing the Iranian Tasnim Agency.

Iran will give Ukraine the black boxes of a passenger plane that was shot down by a missile near Tehran on January 8. This was reported by the Iranian news agency Tasnim on Saturday, January 18, regarding the representative of the civil aviation Organization of Iran Hasan Rezaifar.

According to him, colleagues from France, Canada, and the United States will help Ukrainian experts decipher the data of black boxes. If their efforts fail, the flight recorders will be sent to France, Rezaifar continued. Iran will not participate in the analysis of records.

On Saturday, January 11, Iran officially recognized that a missile shot down the Ukrainian plane. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) took responsibility. The commander of the IRGC military space forces said that at the time of the tragedy, the passenger liner was near an important military object — it was mistaken for an “enemy target.”