The parties to the agreement will think about how to return to the fulfillment of their obligations, said the official representative of the Iranian foreign Ministry Abbas Mousavi.

The meeting of the Joint Commission on the implementation of the Joint comprehensive action plan on Iran’s nuclear program (JCPOA), which will be held in Vienna on Friday, maybe the last chance to save the deal. This was stated by the official representative of the Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran Abbas Mousavi.

“I think this meeting may be the last chance for the remaining participants in the agreement to sit down and think about how to return to the fulfillment of their obligations under the JCPOA,” Fars quoted Mousavi as saying. He expressed the hope that at the upcoming meeting the participants of the nuclear deal, “in addition to the previous declarations and already published statements,<...> take real and effective steps to make Iran convinced of their commitment to the agreements.”

It is expected that at the meeting in Vienna, representatives of Iran, Russia, Great Britain, Germany, China, and France, as well as EU diplomats will discuss how to preserve the JCPOA, whose fate is threatened because of the sanctions pressure of the US, which came out of the agreement.