Iran’s permanent representative to international organizations in Vienna, Kazem Garib-Abadi, expressed concern about reports that senior US officials discussed the possibility of conducting nuclear tests, and called on the US to comply with its obligations under disarmament treaties.

“We express deep concern over reports that senior US officials discussed the possibility of conducting nuclear test explosions, which, if carried out, would not only be considered a clear violation of the global moratorium on nuclear test explosions but would also seriously undermine the nuclear disarmament and non – proliferation regime and thus international peace and security,” Abadi said, as quoted on Twitter by the permanent Iranian mission.

Besides, Abadi noted concerns about the approval by the US Senate of a $ 10 million budget to prepare for such a test and called on the US to ” fulfill its obligations to ensure the goals and objectives of the disarmament treaties.”
In late May, the Washington Post reported, citing sources, that the US presidential administration was discussing the possibility of conducting the first nuclear test since 1992. The reason for the discussion was the administration’s claims that Russia and China are allegedly testing low-power atomic weapons. However, as noted, the talks ended without any decision.

Last week, the Hill reported that the US Senate armed services committee approved the allocation of $ 10 million for projects aimed at reducing the time needed to conduct a nuclear test.

US special representative for arms control Marshall Billingslea said on Wednesday that the US reserves the right to nuclear tests, but does not yet see the need for them.