After the breakup, which happened a little over a year ago, 34-year-old Irina Shayk and 45-year-old Bradley Cooper have remained on good terms and together raise their three-year-old daughter Leia. Former lovers see each other quite often in order to transfer the baby to each other and discuss some matters related to her.

Just one of these meetings yesterday hit the lenses of reporters. Irina, Bradley, and Leia walked together through the West Village in New York. While the baby was quietly sitting in the stroller, her parents were discussing something animatedly. At parting, Cooper and Shayk tenderly hugged, after which Irina continued the walk with her daughter, and Bradley went about his business.

Recall that this is not the first touching meeting of former lovers in public. They last hit reporters’ lenses together in February at a Vogue party in London. At the event, they did not try to avoid each other and happily posed for photographers together. Earlier, in a conversation with Vogue, Irina Shayk shed light on the reasons for breaking up with Bradley Cooper.

I think that in all relationships, even the best ones, we bring our best and worst manifestations – this is human nature. Two great people don’t have to be a great couple. I think we were very lucky to experience what was between us,

Irina shared her thoughts.

By the way, recently Bradley Cooper, in an interview with Interview magazine, told how his quarantine went with his daughter Leia. He admitted that they, together with their mother, baby, and two dogs, did not leave his townhouse, and only went out for a walk in the backyard of the house. Cooper also jokingly compared himself at that moment to a kindergarten teacher, in which there was only one child – his daughter Leia.