The figure of 35-year-old model Irina Shayk evokes the envy of women and the admiration of men. But in reality, everything turned out to be not so perfect. Recently, pictures appeared on the Web, which show that Irina is far from perfect. Such shots are unlikely to want to be shown to anyone, especially to a new boyfriend.

The love story of Irina Shayk and Kanye West is no longer a secret. In June, the couple spent a romantic weekend in France on the rapper’s birthday. Then they flew to New Jersey together, but Sheik went to Ibiza alone.

According to the model, she did not take West with her because he is very busy preparing his new album, Donda. But perhaps this is not the only problem. When comparing the shots of the model from the photo shoot in Ibiza and those taken by the paparazzi, the thought creeps in that Shayk is resting without West, so as not to frighten him off with his cellulite and sagging skin.

West and Kim Kardashian’s divorce is not over yet. And who knows if it will come to a logical conclusion. There are many stories when stars at the last moment decided to stay together or remarried after some time. It was not for nothing that Kim sent her husband a bottle of French wine on his birthday with the mysterious signature “Who knows, he knows …”. And Kanye himself, walking with Shayk, hurries to cover his face at the sight of photographers.