Returning home from Europe, 35-year-old Irina Shayk immediately fell into the lenses of the paparazzi – at the house of her 35-year-old friend Vito Schnabel, with whom she was credited with having an affair. The couple’s relationship was never confirmed, but yesterday Shayk seemed very reluctant to let her visit to Schnabel become public: she hid her face from cameras. Given that the star never hides from the paparazzi and, unlike many stars, does not mind accidental shots of her daughter, many thought it looked strange.

Sheik has known art dealer Vito Schnabel for about three years. They became especially close during the pandemic last year – then the couple spent a lot of time together in New York. But whether their meetings were more than just friendly is unknown.

After breaking up with Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk has not yet found a partner and is now focused on raising her four-year-old daughter Leia. Although more recently she was suspected of having an affair with ex-husband Kim Kardashian Kanye West. These suspicions, I must say, were not groundless: Irina and Kanye even spent a short vacation together in France. However, according to insiders, the couple did not have a serious relationship – Shayk invited West to remain friends. And the rapper himself seems to be confused in his feelings – judging by his work, he cannot forget his wife and really wants her back.

As for Vito Schnabel, he met with Heidi Klum for several years. After parting with her, Schnabel did not meet with Amber Heard for a long time, after which nothing was known about his personal life.