35-year-old model Irina Shayk devoted her next day off to her three-year-old daughter Lea. Together with her daughter, the star went for a walk around New York. However, it would be simply unforgivable to miss the opportunity to breathe in the fresh air yesterday – the weather was sunny and clear.

On the street, Shayk appeared in a long woollen coat, a burgundy leather shirt, dark jeans and high heel boots. Recently, the star has been published in more informal images, preferring comfortable clothes and shoes, but this time, Shayk neglected the comfort.

A black hat, sunglasses and a brown bag completed her look. Leia, like her mother, also did not let go of her handbag – the girl had a fashion accessory from Gucci.

But the day before, the star and her daughter were much less fortunate with the weather – Irina and Leia were walking in heavy snowfall. True, this did not frighten her at all – having wrapped her daughter well in a stroller, the model still went outside for a portion of fresh air and usual physical activity.