The Duchess of Sussex was spotted on a walk with a little red-haired boy.

Meghan Markle managed to build a career and survive a divorce from her first husband when she met Prince Harry.

Their love story reminded many of the fairy tale about Cinderella. Overnight, she became a member of the royal family. The chosen one of the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II gave her husband a son Archie. And when they left the UK and began to live in the USA, their daughter Lilibet was born.

Recently, Meghan and Prince Harry flew to London for the first time in a long time and even took their children with them. The Duchess of Sussex introduced Lilibet to the Queen. However, the couple left the UK before the celebrations in honor of the platinum jubilee of the reign of Elizabeth II ended.

Now the couple is back in America. She rarely posts photos with her children, but the other day they went from Montecito to Santa Barbara, and then to Jackson Hole to spend time with friends.

Random passersby filmed Megan with her son on the street. In the photo, they are visible only from the back. Markle was dressed in black jeans, a white top and a large straw fedora hat. And her three-year-old son Archie tried on a blue outfit and a red and white hat. The child greeted the passing parade, holding a flag and a lollipop.

“Funny story: We’re in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for the 4th of July parade. The big tough guy told us twice that he had taken seats for the royal family.

This guy turned out to be a bodyguard. Megan is gorgeous, and Harry and Archie are incredibly cute,” reads the caption on the social network, where the woman posted a photo of the Sussex.

However, the footage caused controversy. Many have noticed that the red-haired boy looks different from the Archie they saw in the official photos with Meghan and the prince.

“This is another child, don’t confuse it,” netizens began to be indignant.

It is noteworthy that the haters of this couple have repeatedly suspected Megan and Harry that they do not actually show the real child to the public. According to the most popular theories, Lady Diana’s grandson is allegedly carefully hidden from publicity, and official photos show different children, and not always similar to each other.