The Israeli military launched a missile attack on Syria in response to shelling from Syrian territory. This is stated in the statement of the IDF.

The Department claims that two missiles were fired from Damascus, one of which exploded in Israel. The Israeli air defense forces then fired at Syrian military installations and reconnaissance posts in the Golan Heights. The army put the responsibility on the Syrian authorities for any actions from the territory of the country and promised a decisive response to the attacks.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Twitter that he personally gave the order to respond to the attack of the Syrian military. He stressed that he is not ready to tolerate aggression against his country, and assured that he will continue to suppress severely any attempts to attack Israel.

Israeli forces shelled the area South-West of Damascus early in the morning of June 2. As a result of the attack, three Syrian soldiers were killed and seven others were injured.

Israel has repeatedly attacked Syrian territory. As a rule, his goal was the Iranian units of “al-Quds,” which are involved in military operations on the side of government troops.

The Jewish state indicated that they intend to oppose Iran’s military presence in Syria because of Tehran’s cooperation with the Islamist movement Hezbollah, which is hostile to Israel.