The money is needed to replenish the ammunition of the Iron Dome system, said Lindsey Graham, a member of the US Senate who is on a visit to Israel.

Israel intends to request from the United States emergency military assistance for $1 billion for its air defense system Iron Dome. This was announced on Tuesday on the air of the Fox television company by a member of the US Senate Lindsey Graham (Republican, from South Carolina).

“As I understand it, tomorrow (Wednesday) or on Thursday, the Pentagon will receive a request from the Israelis for $1 billion in [military] assistance to replenish spent ammunition, etc. on the Iron Dome batteries, which were used [recently] to protect Israel [from rocket attacks by Palestinian armed groups],” the US lawmaker said. He is on a visit to Israel.

On the night of May 21, a cease-fire between Israel and Palestinian groups in the Gaza Strip came into force, which exchanged rocket attacks for 11 days. During this time, about 1,800 housing units were destroyed in the coastal enclave, and 16,800 were partially damaged. In the center of the city of Gaza, five large residential high-rises were demolished to the ground, and 74 government offices and state institutions were demolished throughout the sector. At least $350 million will be needed to restore the housing stock and infrastructure. The victims of the confrontation were almost 250 residents of the sector, about 2 thousand were injured. On the Israeli side, 13 people were killed.