Israel has so far rejected Kyiv’s requests for the supply of advanced weapons.

The Israeli authorities are considering the possibility of expanding military assistance to Ukraine after a corresponding request from the United States. The American portal Axios writes about this with reference to sources.

According to him, this request was voiced by the American side during a meeting last week at the White House of the Assistant to the President of the United States for National Security Jake Sullivan with the head of the National Security Council of Israel Eyal Hulata, as well as during negotiations between the defense departments of the two countries. According to the portal, the U.S. administration has made it clear that it “understands the difficult situation with the Russian Federation” and appreciates what Israel has already done in terms of assistance to Ukraine, but hopes that the Israeli side will be able to do more in terms of providing military equipment to Kyiv.

An Israeli official, who has not been named, told Axios that his government is considering increasing military assistance to Kyiv and is likely to do so as the conflict in Ukraine continues. The source of the portal at the same time ruled out the transfer of lethal weapons by Israel to Ukraine. In turn, in Kyiv, according to Axios, they do not expect deliveries of lethal weapons from Israel, but they want to use several existing export licenses issued by the Israeli Defense Ministry to obtain communications equipment and protection systems against drones.

As Axios explains, Israel has so far rejected Kyiv’s requests for the supply of advanced weapons and only last month agreed to send thousands of helmets and bulletproof vests to Kyiv for medical workers and rapid response personnel.