The administration of US President Joe Biden is considering easing the restrictive measures imposed on Iran during the administration of Donald Trump to “revive” the nuclear deal, the Times newspaper reports, citing a source.

The publication notes that “although the Biden administration insists on its desire to first sit down at the negotiating table, there are signs that the easing of sanctions is not far off.”

“Sanctions relief is definitely on the way. Not today or tomorrow. But it is on the way,” a well-informed national security source told the newspaper.

Earlier, Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the situation, reported that the Biden administration is considering several options for easing the financial situation of Iran without lifting economic sanctions against this country.

Earlier, the official representative of the EU Foreign Policy Service, Peter Stano, said that the European Union is holding intensive consultations on the possibility of convening an informal meeting on the Iranian nuclear deal with the participation of the United States. The United States, in turn, expressed interest in negotiations with Iran under the auspices of the EU and with the participation of the “six” international mediators, which includes Moscow and Beijing. In response to Washington’s statement, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh stressed that the “six” ceased to exist after the US withdrew from the nuclear deal-only five mediators remained and pointed to the need to lift anti-Iranian sanctions.