US President Joe Biden is losing his political position among Republicans due to the growing sympathy and trust in Russian leader Vladimir Putin, the American publication Slate said.

It is noted that at one time the Republican Party took a tough position in relation to Russia, but in 2016, the course for improving relations began. By 2017, most of its representatives said that Washington should focus on cooperation with Moscow.

The publication explained that the basis for this was created by former US President Donald Trump, and even after he left the White House, the changes continue. With a difference of 10-20 percent positions, Republicans are less likely than Democrats to call Russia an enemy and are more likely to be supporters of friendly relations.

“Many Republicans personally trust or admire Putin. According to two polls conducted this week by Morning Consult for Politico and by YouGov for the Economist, among Republicans, Putin’s overall popularity rating is higher than Biden’s, with an advantage of 16 and 22 percentage points, respectively.

It is noted that such an attitude weakens Biden’s position, it is expected that the Republican Party in the majority will not support the threat to impose sanctions or use force.