17 years ago, the actress gave birth to her daughter Apple. The birth lasted almost three days and became a real nightmare for Gwyneth.

Gwyneth Paltrow made an unexpected confession: the 49-year-old actress told the Armchair Expert podcast that she almost died during the first birth.

“Something went wrong, and I was urgently hospitalized for an emergency caesarean section. As a result, I had two cesarean sections. My daughter was in an emergency. It was crazy, we both almost died,” Gwyneth shared, adding that the birth lasted almost three days.

“When I came to, I saw a huge scar on my stomach from the operation. And it’s not that it’s good or bad. I was just shocked by what I went through,” Paltrow says.

In the interview, the actress also touched on the negative impact of social networks on women’s self-esteem. Gwyneth  said that she was recovering for a long time after giving birth and it would be unpleasant for her to compare herself with the ideal girls on Instagram: “Thank God that there was no Instagram then. When I see a girl who has just given birth and immediately returned to form, I remember that I looked much worse.”

“Women are told all the time how they should look: with or without children, it doesn’t matter. I think women need to treat each other with support and understanding and not to impose their opinions. For example, someone brings up a child this way, and someone else; someone breast-feeds, and someone does not; someone goes on maternity leave, and someone continues to work. All this is normal,” Gwyneth says.

Recall that Paltrow has two children with Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin: 17-year-old Apple and 15-year-old Moses. Paltrow and Martin broke up in 2014 after ten years of marriage. Shortly after her divorce from Martin, Gwyneth began dating screenwriter and producer Brad Falchuk, creator of the series “American Horror Story” and “Scream Queens.” In 2018, they got married.