The adviser to the U.S. President noted the inadmissibility of China’s trade and financial transactions with the Russian Federation bypassing sanctions.

After warning the U.S. authorities about retaliatory measures for possible assistance to Russia from China in violation of the sanctions imposed against the Kremlin, President Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan outlined more clearly what steps Beijing should refrain from.

Following in the cabin of the “Flight number 1” together with the head of the White House to Brussels, where Biden is to take part in the NATO summit, Sullivan told reporters that the American authorities will carefully monitor what financial transactions Beijing is carrying out with Moscow and whether the Chinese side is trying to circumvent import restrictions imposed on Russia.

For example, Sullivan pointed out, the so-called “red line” here will be an attempt by a company from China to export goods subject to sanctions to the Russian Federation. In this case, the presidential adviser said, the United States has the means to prevent such practices.

As for possible “systematic efforts by [China] to redirect the flows of monetary transactions on an industrial scale,” and also in violation of sanctions, Jake Sullivan added, the United States and its allies from the “Big Seven” will identify such cases and take appropriate measures.