The Japanese destroyer Congo, as well as two ships of the U.S. Navy took part in the exercises.

Japan and the United States conducted joint exercises in the Sea of Japan, during which they carried out a training exchange of information about the launch of a ballistic missile. This was reported in a press release issued on Friday by the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces.

The Japanese destroyer Congo, as well as two ships of the U.S. Navy, took part in the exercises. In addition, the parties worked out a number of tactical tasks aimed at improving interaction.

This week, the American nuclear aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln also took part in the exercises of the United States and Japan in the Sea of Japan. In addition, Japanese F-2 fighter-bombers were involved. As the Kyodo news agency noted, the maneuvers were carried out against the background of increased missile launches from the DPRK.

On March 24, as the official North Korean media reported, the DPRK Armed Forces launched the Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile on the direct order of the country’s leader Kim Jong-Un. It fell in the exclusive economic zone of Japan, 150 km off the coast of the northern island of Hokkaido.

In January, Pyongyang announced its intention to reconsider the temporary refusal of such activities due to “hostile policy and military threat from the United States.” Since the beginning of the year, the DPRK has conducted more than 10 missile tests.