High technologies are being introduced not only in space and medicine, but also in agriculture. In theory, agricultural transport can be useful for transporting goods, planting, and even harvesting. That is why it is not surprising that the creation of such technology is also being undertaken in other countries of the world. For example, recently the Japanese company Kubota introduced an unmanned vehicle called X Tractor, which not only works on electric energy, but also knows how to determine the best time for planting and collecting plants.

The features of the autonomous tractor were described in the Kubota blog. It was created as part of a government program to assist owners of Japanese farms. The fact is that the average age of local farmers is as much as 67 years, while in other countries, agricultural workers retire at the age of 60. Many of the working farmers require physical assistance, so the Japanese authorities decided to push Japanese manufacturers of large equipment to create autonomous tractors and robots that can do manual labor instead of people.

Electric motorized drone tractor

As the news headline shows, the X Tractor agricultural machine is powered by an electric motor and does not harm the environment. Only now the company has not said anything about the volume of the built-in battery and it remains to be hoped that the novelty can work for at least a couple of hours on a single charge. Otherwise, he risks staying in the middle of the field and since he doesn’t even have a seat for a person, there will be no one to follow the charge level of his battery. However, the company may well create an application through which farmers will be able to control all the indicators of the tractor and manage its functions.

Kubota engineers seem to have been inspired by the prototype of the Dream Tractor introduced in 1970.

For movement, the car uses four modules with tracks, which are able to rotate in different directions independently of each other. This was probably done so that the car could move freely even on the most difficult roads. For example, thanks to this design, the tractor will be able to move through the rice fields filled with water.

At the moment, it is known that the Japanese tractor is able to assess the level of growth of planted plants. Based on this data, the built-in artificial intelligence in the machine can determine the best time to harvest. In addition, it is reported that the novelty is also able to determine the appropriate time for plowing the land and planting plants.

Tractor from Roscosmos

Unfortunately, the Japanese company did not share other details about the new product. At the moment, there is not even rough data on the price of the X Tractor, and there can be no talk of an estimated date for the start of sales. Perhaps in the near future the company will still be able to show a new product in action, but honestly, it is hard to believe in this. But if the tractor is still to be used in the future, farmers will obviously have more time to complete other, no less important, but easier physical tasks.