Japan has decided to abandon the plan to deploy American-made Aegis Ashore missile defense systems in the country. This was announced at a meeting on security issues of the ruling liberal democratic party by Japanese defense Minister Taro Kono, Kyodo news Agency reports.

According to the Minister, the relevant decision was made following a meeting of the national Security Council headed by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

On June 15, Taro Kono announced the suspension of the deployment program of complexes in Akita and Yamaguchi prefectures. As the Minister noted, this decision was due to the threat of falling of the upper stage of the rocket outside the military base, including the existing risk for residential areas. As Kono noted, additional funds and time will be needed to correct this shortcoming.

It was assumed that the complexes would be introduced in the country in fiscal 2025.

On June 21, NHK announced the Japanese government’s intention to abandon the plan to deploy ground-based systems.

Japan decided to place Aegis Ashore complexes in the country at the end of 2017. This decision was due to the need to cover the country’s territory from a possible missile attack from the DPRK.