Jared Leto, who starred in a biopic about fashion designer Guccio Gucci, completely changed his appearance for a role in a high-profile project. Leto is known for his vivid transformations: what are his transformations for the role of John Lennon and the Joker.

This time, Leto again decided on changes: Leto shared the result of the transformation on his personal page on Instagram. In the frame, Jared appeared with gray strands of hair, a massive saggy chin and a thick mustache without a beard. To make the image look as aristocratic as possible, they put on a classic suit with a tie for Summer and put a boutonniere in the jacket pocket.

Even if the fans really wanted to, they would not be able to recognize the pet in this form.

“It can’t be him,” “This transformation is the best,” “This isn’t Jared, is it?” “Great work of make-up artists, and you are great,” “The work is fantastic,” the users wrote.

True, there were also those who said – Leto “changed himself”, because this image does not correspond to his usual role.