American rock musician and actor Jared Leto attracted the attention of netizens with a bright outfit and manicure on the red carpet. Photos and comments appeared in the Daily Mail.

The 49-year-old performer attended the London premiere of the film “House of Gucci,” in which he played the role of Paolo Gucci, in velvet fitted turquoise suit. He put a jacket on his naked body, as well as a large necklace. The posted footage shows that the singer’s nails are covered with white varnish, and in his hands, he holds a bag in the form of a human heart.

Paparazzi photos caused controversy among readers of the publication, who reacted ambiguously to the image of Leto. Some commentators criticized the actor’s appearance. “What’s wrong with this clown?”, “Fame ruined him,” “He’s very strange, who dresses like this in 2021?”, “Varnish on a man – where are we going?”, “Looks terrible,” fans complained.

At the same time, other netizens praised the musician’s appearance and clothes. “He doesn’t get old!”, “A really bold image,” “The one who styles Leto deserves an Oscar because he looks gorgeous!”, “Bold and really stylish,” “What a handsome man,” “I adore him,” users expressed themselves.