Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos shared how he sees the future. He is sure that through the centuries people will be born in space and call it their home.

A forum is currently being held in the United States to discuss American policy in space. Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon e-commerce platform and aerospace company Blue Origin, shared his vision of the future. He stated that in the future, people will live in space and call it their home, and fly to Earth to visit. “The visit will be like a trip to Yellowstone National Park,” Bezos said.

This isn’t the first time Bezos has shared his space exploration plans. Business Insider reports that Bezos’ obsession with space colonies dates back to his high school days. So, he sees them as a response to threats to existence on Earth due to environmental pollution and population growth. It is not yet known how many people can accommodate Bezos’ space colonies and how he plans to build them. But the people who are born there will become people of space and will come to Earth only to visit.

Blue Origin was founded in the early 2000s, but the first test launches of the private space company’s rockets took place only in 2015. Initially, it was assumed that Blue Origin would only deal with suborbital flights, but then the company announced plans to put satellites into Earth orbit.