At the same time, he criticized NASA for abandoning the strategy of maintaining competition in the industry.

The founder of Blue Origin and Amazon, Jeff Bezos, offered to finance part of the budget deficit of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in exchange for a contract to develop a lander for the Artemis lunar program.

This is stated in an appeal addressed to NASA Director Bill Nelson and published on the Blue Origin website on Monday.

“Blue Origin will cover the budget deficit of the program for the development of the manned landing module (HLA, Human Landing Systems), refusing payments this year and in the next two in the amount of up to $2 billion,” the appeal says. “This is not a postponement, but a complete rejection of these requirements.”

Bezos asks NASA to allow his company to participate in developing and launching the lunar lander element at its own expense. He estimates such expenses at more than $1 billion. In return, the billionaire wants to get a fixed-price contract for Blue Origin’s services and offers to cover the overruns when performing it.