Fans of 52-year-old Jennifer Aniston held their breath: the network announced her possible return to an ex-lover, 43-year-old John Mayer.

The fact is that the actress quite often publishes pictures with her beloved white dog – Lord Chesterfield, so her fans know perfectly well how he looks, literally in detail. And Mayer posted a video on TikTok in which he presented a new track and showed a dog very similar to Aniston’s pet.

The famous star gossip collector in the West, DeuxMoi, made a post in which he noted that even animals have the same collars. Therefore, Jen and John clearly have something in common. However, some users disagreed with this statement. “They are not the same dog. Look at the face, ears and tail, ” they said. Only the official statement of the stars can resolve the dispute.

But it is quite possible that Aniston spent time with her ex-lover, not because of romantic feelings. In an interview, she admitted that she is friends with many ex-boyfriends.

We will remind celebrities met at the Oscar party and began dating in 2008. They broke up a year later. To put an end to the relationship, the singer wrote Shadowy Days, which he dedicated to the ex-lover.