Jennifer Aniston does not like to advertise her personal life. Fans rarely see her in the company of men. Recently, a new picture appeared on the actress’s Instagram page, which depicts a mysterious stranger. The faces of the actress’s friend, like Jennifer’s, are practically invisible. A man lies on the floor next to Aniston’s dog Clyde. The shot was taken during the filming of the morning show.

“I see you, Clyde,” wrote 51-year-old Jennifer, referring to the dog, not to her friend.

Aniston does not give any comments about the young man. Fans can only guess who he is and who the actress is. Most fans assume this is the star’s new boyfriend, especially because the star’s dog reacts calmly to a man.

Jennifer Aniston is very popular all over the world. Her roles remain in memory, and her appearance is often called the standard of beauty. At 51, she was officially married twice. Also, she had novels, and rumour attributes her relationships with many more men.

Jennifer’s official husbands were the actors Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux. The star lived with her first husband for five years and parted ways in January 2005. The actress divorced her second husband in February 2018, having lived with him for three years.