52-year-old Jennifer Lopez with 48-year-old Ben Affleck, who have officially confirmed their reunion after a 17-year separation, continue to enjoy a joint vacation in the Mediterranean and delight the paparazzi with new locations.

After celebrating J.Lo’s birthday in Saint-Tropez, the couple on a huge yacht (worth $ 130 million, according to media reports) moved towards Italy. They only stayed for a few days off the coast of Monaco, where, fortunately, they missed the ex-fianc√© of Jennifer Alex Rodriguez, who rides in the waters of Monaco with an unknown blonde on a jet ski. Then the couple “Bennifers” went to the Italian seaside town of Amalfi, where they were spotted by reporters.

Jennifer and Ben spend time on vacation, without parting for a long time: here they are together waiting for a boat that will take them to the shore for dinner, so they kiss on a romantic date in a restaurant, not hiding their feelings.

The media noted that a new unusual jewelry appeared on Jennifer’s neck – three pendants with the letters that make up the name of her lover: B, E, N. The journalists found out that this custom-made necklace was a gift to the singer from Affleck.

Couple “Bennifers” after the publication of their relationship became the main newsmaker this summer, but there are those who still doubt the sincerity of their feelings. From the famous photo on the yacht, in which Ben’s hand rests on Jennifer’s buttocks, repeating a frame from the 2002 Jenny from the Block video, a meme has already been made embodying universal sadness, since Ben looks, to put it mildly, not cheerful on it.

The last photos show that Ben is clearly enjoying what is happening. Do you believe in the sincerity of the feelings of these two celebrities?

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