British singer Jesse J and American actor Channing Tatum started dating two years ago. Their romance was not stable – the couple broke up, then converged again. Until recently, the status of their relationship was not fully understood, but yesterday the 32-year-old star confirmed that she is now single.

The singer posted a video on Instagram where she danced twerk and wrote that this is how the life of a lonely person looks like in a pandemic.

Tatum, 40, is said to have already signed up for the dating app Raya, which is quite popular with celebrities. He ironically noted on his profile that he was a stripper and apologized for that.

Before his affair with Jesse Jay Channing Tatum, he was married to actress Jenna Dewenne for nine years. His relationship with the singer began just a few months after breaking up with his wife, with whom they are raising seven-year-old daughter Everly. Jenna, however, also very soon found happiness in her personal life and began to meet with actor Steve Kazi, from whom she gave birth to a son in March of this year.

Among the likely reason for the regular breakups of Jesse and Channing is that they too often rushed things. The singer even sang about this in her song The Think About That, which she supposedly dedicated to her relationship with the actor.