French President Emmanuel Macron also watched the game of the US and French street basketball teams.

French President Emmanuel Macron and US First Lady Jill Biden watched the 3-on-3 streetball match between the French and US women’s teams at the Tokyo Olympics on Saturday evening. The victory in the duel went to the Americans.

Emmanuel Macron and Jill Biden were among the few representatives of world powers who attended the Olympic Games in Tokyo, as the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing in Japan and throughout the world.

The First lady rose from her seat and began to applaud after the US team won the match with a score of 17-10. American Stefanie Dolson, who played for the WNBA club Chicago Sky in the 2021 season, brought the US team 7 points.

In the first game of the streetball tournament, the Japanese women’s national team lost with a score of 18-21 to the Russians.

Serbian athletes also showed maximum results on Saturday. After the USA men’s national basketball team unexpectedly lost the qualification game 3 on 3, Serbia and Latvia became the favorites in the fight for medals.

Streetball or 3-on-3 basketball (street basketball) is a more dynamic and compact version of basketball, which made its debut at these Olympic Games. The game is played on half of the basketball court with three players on each side. The team wins by scoring 21 points or scoring the most goals in the main time of the match.