The director promised to reveal the history of the phenomenon, which for a long time excites the minds of ordinary people and scientists.

JJ Abrams will produce a documentary series on the UFO phenomenon. The new show will have four parts, the customer is the Showtime channel, writes the Hollywood Reporter.

The director promised to reveal all the secrets concerning the phenomenon that haunts neither ordinary citizens nor scientists. Viewers will get acquainted with “shocking eyewitness revelations” and with versions of the impact on the history of the US government, mega-corporations, and the military, which hide the truth about extraterrestrial life.

“The project will fully answer the question, why do we believe in what we believe in? And what is this elusive truth hiding behind this secret?” hopes Abrams.

Earlier, JJ admitted that he is happy to work with Stephen King on the adaptation of his novel “The Lizzie Story”. Abrams is also rumored to be producing a new movie about John Constantine.