The U.S. President got acquainted with the public transport system in Kansas City.

President Joe Biden visited a bus park in Kansas City, Missouri’s largest city, to draw attention to the administration’s initiative to invest tens of billions of dollars in public transportation. Along with this, the White House is trying to increase the popularity of the Biden administration’s agenda with the help of a new PR strategy.

During his visit to Kansas City, Biden toured the city’s transportation authority, which is among the recipients of $89 billion in investments in American public transport that will be spent by the administration over the next five years. The plan includes, among other things, $5.6 billion for the purchase of vehicles with low and zero harmful emissions, such as electric buses.

“It will be a decade of infrastructure… No more talking. Only actions,” Biden said.

The authorities of Kansas City, in whose city park there are now only two electric buses, expect to completely update the composition of public transport and bring the share of electric buses to 100%.

The trip to Kansas City took place right after the White House announced the launch of the website, dedicated to the infrastructure law. Users of the site will be able to upload videos to the platform in which supporters of the law will talk about how the Biden administration’s infrastructure plan positively affects their lives.

The White House also presented the slogan under which infrastructure reforms will take place – “Building a Better America.” The White House is trying to boost Biden’s declining rating by implementing an infrastructure plan.

The administration wants Americans to know about the president’s efforts to “make life easier” for ordinary Americans and help them, Deputy White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said, talking to reporters aboard the presidential plane.

President Biden is now facing problems in all directions. Speaking in Kansas City, he said that he ran for president partly to unite the country, but this, according to the head of state, “turned out to be one of the most difficult things.”

Biden’s legislative initiatives were blocked by Republicans, who were helped by contradictions in the ranks of the Democratic Party. Despite the fact that Congress passed a bipartisan infrastructure law, Biden’s ratings plummeted due to rising inflation and Americans’ concern about the COVID-19 pandemic.

The White House wants to highlight Biden’s achievements ahead of next year’s midterm elections, seeking to fend off Republican attempts to gain control of Congress.

The White House also wants to achieve the adoption of the second part of Biden’s economic program – an even larger package of spending on the social sphere and the fight against climate change. The $1.9 trillion social package was recently passed by the House of Representatives, which is now controlled by Democrats, but the fate of the bill in the Senate remains uncertain.

“We are going to help restore the economy, but this time we will start from the bottom. This bill is a plan for working Americans,” the president stressed.