Joe Biden: Union victory benefits all American workers

The U.S. President appealed to protect the interests of American trade unions.

President Joe Biden, speaking at the White House, spoke about the progress that his administration has made in recent months in protecting the rights and interests of trade unions.

Biden recalled that America was built not by Wall Street bankers but by representatives of the middle class, which, according to the president, appeared in the United States thanks to trade unions. The president listed the things that all American workers need: affordable healthcare, a pension, a relatively high salary, protection from discrimination and harassment.

“When the trade unions win, all the workers win. This is a fact. Families win, local communities win, America wins. We are growing,” the president stressed, adding that his administration is building an economy in which “workers, instead of competing with each other for jobs that are not enough, “can now choose jobs with higher wages, since “employers competing for employees are forced to raise wages.”

Guided by the protection of the interests of workers, Biden signed a decree on strengthening competition in the economy, which contains a call for a ban on non-competition agreements, which, according to the head of the White House, “deprive workers of the right to change jobs in the same industry” and limit the level of wages.

Biden also added that all employees should have the opportunity to choose when joining a union.

“That’s why I signed an order to create a White House Working Group on Labor and Employment Organization to facilitate this choice, where possible,” the president added.

“I want Congress to pass a law on the protection of the right to membership in the organization and immediately send it to me for signature. That’s why I want us to expand the rights to join organizations and conduct collective bargaining for… employees of the transport industry, emergency services, medical workers,” Biden stressed.

The President recalled that his administration has already made progress in the development of the economy: over the past three months, 750 thousand new jobs have appeared in the United States every month; in total, more than 4 million jobs have been created in the country since Biden took office.

“In the first half of the year, our economy grew at a rapid pace – the highest in the last 40 years. Unemployment has decreased. Investing in my “Build Back Better” program will allow us to maintain [this pace], develop and move forward in the coming years, ” Joe Biden added.

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