When the fifth part of “Pirates of the Caribbean” was being filmed, Depp took 8 ecstasy pills at once and began to scandalize with his ex-wife Amber Heard. During the fight, according to Johnny, Amber trapped his finger in the doorway.

“I tried to get him out, but then I resigned myself to the madness of this woman I was married to,” the Daily Mail quoted him.

Heard, in turn, said that the actor was injured while he was drunk, breaking the phone against the wall. Then the production of the film was stopped for two weeks. Each day of downtime cost Disney $ 350,000!

Depp lost his role not only in “Fantastic Beasts-3” (in one day of shooting, by the way, he already received $ 16 million). According to THR, the actor will not play Harry Houdini in the Jerry Bruckheimer TV series! Disney also turned down Jack Sparrow’s appearance in the Pirates of the Caribbean spin-off.

Not everything is going smoothly with the actor and fees: in recent years, they have significantly decreased. However, the actor’s lawyer assured that Johnny’s condition is still impressive. Depp has 14 houses, and the actor can spend 30 thousand dollars a month on wine.