The Virginia judge allowed the actor to file a $50 million lawsuit against Heard.

Several years of scandals and accusations of domestic violence have turned the legendary “pirate” into an outcast. All Hollywood bosses refused to work with Johnny Depp, but it looks like Depp’s bullying will soon come to an end.

After numerous unsuccessful attempts to rehabilitate his name and restore justice, the 58-year-old actor is finally suing his ex-wife, writes THR. The reason for the lawsuit was an article by The Sun, in which Hurd, 35, spoke about the experience of domestic violence.

Virginia Fairfax District Judge Penny Askarat authorized the filing of a $ 50 million libel claim. He believes that the publications in The Sun, portraying Depp as a tyrant and rapist, could have influenced the court’s decisions in favor of Hurd. Thus, we can talk about the abuse of influence and manipulation of the public.

Heard’s lawyers were outraged by the court’s decision.

“This short-sighted decision is just another attempt by Johnny Depp to silence Amber Heard. But nothing will come of it. Depp doesn’t want to admit his guilt and is obsessed with the idea of ​​fighting to the end. But we will win this lawsuit and stop the nefarious persecution of my client by Depp and his lawyers, ”said Amber’s representatives.

It is worth noting that if Johnny Depp wins in court, he will be able to receive not only the claimed 50 million. Every time his name is mentioned in the context of domestic violence, the actor will be able to file a lawsuit against his ex-wife and is guaranteed to win it.